Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem / SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem Configuration

Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem / SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem Configuration

SmartAx MT880 ADSL Modem has One ethernet Port.
SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem has One ethernet Port and one USB Port.

Set your computer IP address as
( If you are using USB port, install USB driver first)

Open Internet Explorer in the Address bar type the URL
You will be propted for Username and Password.

Username: admin
Password: admin

Click on Home
Click on WAN setting
Your WAN Setting should be as follows:

Wan type: PPP
Connection Type : PPPoE
VPI / VCI : 0/35
Default Route : Enabled
Username: yourusername@dataone
Password: yourpassword

Use DNS : Enabled
Click on Apply.

You will be asked to save and reboot.

Select Yes

Once your modem is rebooted , the summary page will be displayed .

The "Green" status of PVC0 status indicated that you are now connected. (in Summary page)

 SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem ADSL LED will turn 'Orange' from 'green' when succesfully connected.

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  1. Sanjay8/15/2010

    My line speed would only ever sunc up at 50% of the 2/1mb premier package with the mt880, changed to a decent router and now its right on 2048/1024

  2. TTT has given me one of these modem/routers. While it looks like it has never been used there is no user manual included, which is kind of odd. Anyway, I found a few references to it on the Internet stating the default username and password are both admin. That doesn't work on this one. Tried resetting the router - nada - can't log in. I tried teleneting into it and the password admin does not work that way either. Blank password and 1234 also don't work.

    It is not a big deal as I have my own Xyxel router, but what the heck - I'd like to get it working anyway. Maybe I'll have a use for it one day. Can anyone confirm that 'admin' should be the default username/password on these?


  3. THANKS brother for your valuable tip, i changed pvc0 to 0-32 and pvc2 to 0-60 and viola my modem MT880 was working like a horse.LOL